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      1. PARQUET
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        In 2004, Saray Carpets carried out a $20 million investment in the production capacity and the company grew by 50%. The company is planning to increase the capacity to 7.5 million sqm/year.

        Saray Carpets was established as a joint venture in 1972. In those years joint ventures supported by Turkish fellow citizens working in some European countries as guest workers were very common. The partnership structure of the company is now mainly divided among three share holders. The extension period of the company dates back to 1980s when the shift from hand-made carpets to machine-made carpets was highly risky. Because in those years hand-made carpets originating from Isparta and adjacent regions were in the market, some prejudices concerning the quality of machine-made carpets prevailed among the consumers. During the years some efforts were made to overcome these groundless beliefs about machine-made carpets, the sector went through some hard times. However, after 1980s Saray Carpets realized huge investments in machine-made carpet production.

        Saray Carpets which started business life with 400 employees in 1972, has become an integrated establishment, located on a 500.000 sqm area, with its 1300 employees. The company's production capacity has increased to 5 million sqm/year from 500.000 sqm/year. Within the last few years, the improvement and stability in the economical structure and politics had positive reflections on the carpet sector.

        In 2004, Saray Carpets carried out a $20 million investment in the production capacity and the company grew by 50%. The company is planning to increase the capacity to 7.5 million sqm/year.

        Saray Carpets is exporting to 40 countries, especially to Middle East countries and Arabic peninsula. Because of carpet's widespread use within this area, Saray Carpets enjoys the biggest export market increase here. In order to overcome the problems in relation with marketing of machine-made carpets in international markets, especially in Europe, Saray Carpets started an office in Kln, Germany 3 years ago. The company can reach all European countries through its distribution network run by this office.

        Saray Carpets has always been at the top two positions of the Turkish carpet sector. Also the company has continually succeeded in finding a place for itself among the first 500 most successful companies of Turkey.

        Saray Carpets offers a toll free consumer line. Also the consumers can e-mail their complaints about the products to the company. It must be noted that the company takes urgent action in relation with the complaints about the products. The products returned to authorized dealers for being defected or causing a complaint are submitted to the regional offices densely located around the country and are immediately replaced if it requires a replacement. Those products that need repairing are repaired in the company's factory. As a matter of fact, through the use of state of art technology employed by the company, the chances for defected products are almost nonexistent.

        The products that the company exports to international markets differ not only in patterns but also in features and sizes depending on the country receiving the products. The company offers its customers in Middle East countries some special collections different from those for Europe in terms of pile highness, knot density, color variations and patterns. In short, the collections that the company produces for the international markets are highly affected by the demands of the customers.
        The company has two different design departments, one in the headquarters and one in the factory located in Kayseri. The one in the headquarters create designs mostly oriented for foreign markets. The other one located in the company's premises is a completely independent unit that continues its works in a different building. Those employees of the company working in this department, enjoy a very quite atmosphere whereby they work on the designs and patterns. But the company has been suffering from the imitation of their designs by the others.

        Saray Carpets uses mainly acrylic fibre in its production. The company also continues wool carpet production which is a tradition for Saray Carpets. There are different collections prepared by the company and the collection called "Serenat" is composed of 100% wool carpets.

        Saray Carpets has always had a strategy as to market 40% of its production to foreign markets and 60% to domestic market and intends to preserve this ratio in the long run.