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A Revolution in Laminate Flooring

Yıldız Integrated, the world's largest MDF manufacturer, has invested 6 million Euro for its second plant that will start production in July 2005 and the company expects the production volume to be around 12 million sqm per a year.

Yıldız Integrated that had started as a collective company, was renamed as Yıldız Integrated Wood Industries and Trade Inc., in 2002.

The company that has its headquarters in Izmit operates mainly in agricultural and forestry products sector. Besides, the company runs its operations in the chemistry sector. The company owns the world's longest MDF factory, parquet and profile factories and also is Turkey's largest glue producer with its 6 glue factories. The group has a port that has the capacity of unloading 4 tons of dry cargo. The company completes the integration process by using its own port for export and import operations that grow in number. In cooperation with Istanbul Fertilizer Industries, the company is the one and only ure and amoniac producer of Turkey and contributes to Turkey's agriculture. The company that bought Kütahya Fertilizer Industries produces amonium nitrate fertilizer. The group employs 1250 employees in its companies. Mr. Hakki Yıldız, the member of board of directors of Yıldız Integrated, said: "Yıldız Entegre and Istanbul Fertilizer Industries have fulfilled some innovations in their sectors. What we aim to do is to continue our investments for both of these companies.

Yıldız Integrated, the world's largest MDF manufacturer, introduced the "Clic System Laminate Flooring" which is licensed in Belgium. Mr. Yıldız stated that the company's annual capacity was 6 million sqm and added: "We realized an 8 million Euro investment for the first production plant. We completed all the negotiations about the second plant. This second plant we will establish with a 6 million Euro investment will start its production in July, 2005, and its annual production will amount to 12 million sqm."

Mr. Yıldız emphasized that the company worked so hard to manufacture parquet in EU standards and had signed a contract for 20 years with Berry Floor.
Yıldız Integrated that is nominated for the ISO 500 classification that is announced annually and determines the largest 500 companies of Turkey, continues to operate in the forestry sector and grow in the related sectors.

Yıldız Integrated, which caused a big sensation acquiring IGSAS (Istanbul Fertilization Industries Inc.,) and later Kütahya Fertilization Industries Inc., is going to start the production of laminate floor. The laminate floor that is superior to the similar products in Turkish market due to the fact that it can be laid without glue thanks to its clic system, will also be produced with ceramic patterns. Mr. Yıldız of Yıldız Integrated, which obtained the production license of the laminate floor that does not require glue, from Berry Floor Group, one of the leading companies of Belgian sector, said that the product would start to be marketed in December.
Mr. Yıldız summarized the objectives of Yıldız Integrated that is planing to open its showrooms as follows: "Our current factory will produce mostly for the needs of Turkey, however we aim to sell the production of the second factory that will be built primarily in the export markets."
Mr. Yıldız said: "We will continue with the production of those parquet types manufactured with former systems if we receive any demands. However European manufacturers are using this system now. We offer ten year guarantee with Vario, the new product we will market next month. The license agreement we signed covers the world countries, we will focus on neighbouring countries. We plan to extend into the whole European market in the near future."

Mr. Robert Myncke, the Assistant Director of Berry Floor, stated: "In Europe those products that get attention with their natural properties sell in bigger numbers."
Mr. Yıldız said : "Easy to use and install, stain-proof, not easily scratched, high quality, heat and chemical-resistant, hygienic Vario clic parquet described as Europe B can be installed and uninstalled without causing any harm. At first our production will be domestic market-oriented. The license we obtained is valid in the neighbouring countries, Turkic Republics, Europe and the USA as well as Turkey. The annual parquet consumption in Europe amounts to 200 million sqm. Clic system constitutes 90% of the total European consumption. But in Turkey, the utilization rate of this system is much lower. We brought the technology, a standard in Europe, to Turkey and continue our production using this technology."