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        “Established in 1991, Vitra Ceramic Tiles ranks among the top ceramic tile producers in Europe with its three modern plants in Bozüyük (17.5 million sqm), Tuzla (3.5 million sqm) and Ireland (1.5 million sqm).?

        Eczacıbaşı Ceramic Tiles, a leading European manufacturer of professional and premium wall and floor tiles, is a member of Eczacıbaşı Group of companies. Three modern plants in Turkey and Ireland provide Eczacıbaşı Ceramic Tiles an annual production capacity of 22.5 million sqm. 60% of the production is sent to major international markets around the world. Eczacıbaşı Ceramic Tiles has sales offices and showrooms in Atlanta, Dublin, Arklow, Moscow and Kerpen and a wide product portfolio that includes ceramic wall tiles, ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, swimming pool tiles and complementary pieces.

        Being the first producer of mosaic tiles in Turkey, Eczacıbaşı Ceramic Tiles has two extensive tile ranges; Vitra Rezidans and Vitra Arkitekt, providing a broad array of styles varying in size between 2.5x2.5 and 60x90 cm. Vitra Rezidans offers aesthetic designs and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor tiles for living areas. Vitra Arkitekt offers professional tiles designed primarily for industrial and commercial establishments.

        Eczacıbaşı Ceramic Tiles has an in-house design team developing products for all kinds of living spaces, from bathrooms to kitchens and living rooms, terraces and pools. It also works with prominent international designers like Defne Koz, NOA, İnci Mutlu and Ross Lovegrove to create special collections. Being an innovator, Eczacıbaşı Ceramic Tiles launched numerous new design concepts in 2005 which reflected the global design trends. These included stylish and highly durable porcelain tile series, mosaic tiles for every taste and other new products incorporating advanced surface technologies like Vitraclean, Vitraantibacterial and Vitraprotect.

        Vitra Info Centers, the only showrooms offering consultancy services for end-users and professionals, enable customers to view the whole range of Vitra tile products in one location and learn about developments, new technologies and new products in Turkey and global markets. Professional staff at Vitra Info Centers also provide project services for pools, building exteriors and elevated floors.

        Eczacıbaşı Group has taken another significant step towards its goal of becoming a global manufacturer with the start-up of its new plant in Ireland. Vitra Ceramic Tiles broke ground for its new plant in Arklow, Ireland, on 16 April 2004, at a ceremony attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Turkey, Abdullah Gül, and the Irish Minister of State in charge of European Affairs at that time, Dick Roche. The new plant was inaugurated on 31 March 2005 by Dr. Erdal Karamercan, CEO of the Eczacıbaşı Group. The capacity of this new plant, which was inaugurated by the CEO of the Eczacıbaşı Group, Dr. Erdal Karamercan, is 1 million 750 thousand square meters. Located in the city of Arklow, Vitra Ireland Ltd. is the only ceramic tile producer in Ireland.

        The new plant responds to the capacity increase and modernization requirements of the company's growing market share and raises the total value of its investment in Ireland to 20 million USD and its local production capacity to 1 million 750 thousand square meters. With the start-up of operations at its new plant, VitrA Ceramic Tiles aims to raise its turnover to 25 million USD in 2005.

        Speaking at the opening ceremony, Eczacıbaşı Group CEO Dr. Erdal Karamercan noted that the plant in Ireland had raised Vitra Ceramic Tiles' overall capacity to 22 million square meters and added: “Our investment in Ireland represents a vital step towards our goal of making Vitra a world leader.?Stressing that the experience of Vitra Ceramic Tiles in Ireland had given Eczacıbaşı Group the assurance to undertake further international manufacturing investments, Karamercan said: “Your invaluable partnership and confidence in our products have paved the way for these investments and the steady growth of our building material sales, which reached 530 million US dollars in 2004.?In his speech, Karamercan referred to the new approaches to bathroom culture being designed by Vitra, a global brand that originated in Turkey, and said: “Combining traditional and modern perspectives, Vitra creates a new world of bathroom culture, a culture whose message echoes in the modern design of Vitra and which welcomes you to “Another World.?


        Vitra Ceramic Tiles

        Vitra Ceramic Tiles is a member of Eczacıbaşı Building Materials Division, which manufactures and markets under the brand name, Vitra, everything needed for complete bathroom solutions, from tiles to bathtubs, ceramic sanitary ware to accessories, sanitary fittings to bathroom furniture. Established in 1991, Vitra Ceramic Tiles ranks among the top ceramic tile producers in Europe with its three modern plants in Bozüyük (17.5 million sqm), Tuzla (3.5 million sqm) and Ireland (1.5 million sqm). Through the establishment of new facilities in Russia and Turkey, Vitra Ceramic Tiles plans to raise its capacity to 26 million square meters in 2006.

        Expanding its export sales by 20 percent, Vitra Ceramic Tiles accounted for 70 million USD of a figure of 300 million USD export sales realized by the Eczacıbaşı Building Materials Division in 2004. Apart from its showrooms in Arklow and Dublin, Vitra Tiles has showrooms in Atlanta, Moscow and Kerpen. Vitra Tiles' main export markets are Germany, the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Benelux, Scandinavian countries, the C.I.S, Cyprus, Australia, and the Near and Far East.

        Marketing its products under the Vitra Rezidans and Vitra Arkitekt brands, Vitra Ceramic Tiles offers a broad array of products ranging in size from 2.5x2.5 cm to 60x90 cm. Vitra Rezidans tiles are primarily designed for residential living spaces, like bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and terraces, while Vitra Arkitekt mainly offers technical products for professionals designing industrial and commercial projects.

        Vitra Ceramic Tiles' product range responds to a broad range of demands aside from bathroom and kitchen tiling, such as swimming pools and building exteriors. It also has special collections developed in-house by its design team or jointly with such leading international designers as Ross Lovegrove, Defne Koz, NOA and Catherine Delcourt Beaudry.

        Vitra Ceramic Tiles' unique designs, which facilitate the creation of different concepts, and its innovative approach have earned it a strong position in the market.

        Examples of its singular designs are its newly launched glass mosaic tiles, its tile series with minimalist decorative tiles and cut borders, its porcelain tiles whose popularity increase yearly because of their durability and its mosaic series for every taste.

        Vitra Ceramic Tiles also has advanced technology products with special functions: Vitraclean, Vitra antibacterial and Vitraprotect. Vitra Ceramic Tiles was the first company in Turkey to provide tile consultancy services to end-users and professionals at showrooms established especially for this purpose. Vitra Info Centers enable customers to view all of its tile products and learn about developments in the world of ceramic tile, new technologies and new products.

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