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        Alpaslan Aras: In 2006, Nurteks completed various projects supported by UEFA in Georcia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Greece. Our company will keep on undersigning significant contracts by means of our production and world wide service, both in the project areas and in international markets. In 2007, we are planning in increase our export share up to 70%.?/p>

        With their technological developments in carpet and artificial grass production, Nurteks Hal?Sanayi (Nurteks Carpet Co.) is one of the leading companies of Turkish floor coverings industry. Nurteks keeps up their activities with 35 years of experience in production. The company owns the first Turkish certificate of test by UEFA as well as the area tests and FIFA recommendation certificate. Nurteks started export business in 2000. Demands requested until that date were met by the companys general marketing activities. Since 2000, Nurteks continues exporting their products within a separate department. Like any other sectors, Turkish floor coverings sector was also seriously affected by the economic crisis experienced in 2001. Companies focused on exporting played a great role in surviving the crisis and providing a rather stabilized condition. Producers searching for markets in overseas instead of taking risks in domestic market, managed to improve the cash flow of their company and recorded significant figures in international markets. At a time like this, Nurteks was among these companies who established an important part of its market share in overseas markets and became an important player of the world by increasing the annual production capacity of synthetic grass. Export activities of the company started in 2000 was limited to four countries. However this number was increased to 38 by the end of 2006. Nurteks received FIFA and EUFA approved certificates in 2003 and in 2005 the company completed the ones related to European Union and world standards such as environmental compability certificate, health and safety of employees certificate and ISO certificates.In 2006, Nurteks completed the flooring applications of approximately 1000 sports area including standard and small sized football, tennis, golf and hockey fields in international markets. The company also signed two or three year long contracts with the official institutions in Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Georcia, Iran and Iraq.

        Nurteks, preceding the European competitors who are opening bids with UEFA support, has been proceeding in becoming a brand name in worlds floor coverings sector. Maintenance of natural grass is rather troublesome for football clubs especially in countries having either too cold or too hot climates. Therefore the demand for synthetic grass is increasing every day. The companys plant in orlu which is equipped with the latest technology weaving looms, is working in order to meet this demand. The annual capacity of Nurteks is over 10 million sqm and the perspective of R&D department is predicated on productivity.

        In 2007, Nurteks is planning in increase their export share up to 70% . By the announcement that from the beginning of 2008, the usage of synthetic grass on official football fields will be supported by international organizations like FIFA and UEFA, worlds leading football clubs started covering some parts of the official stadiums with synthetic grass. This kind of support by FIFA and UEFA is a clear hint that there will be an outbreak in this kind of production within the next few years. Consequently Nurteks is forming their future plans according to the demands from the clubs and local administrations. Artificial grass projetcs, applied in some of the pilot regions within the last two years, introduced positive results. Therefore, existing regions will be extended and new project areas will be formed in the forthcoming years. Alpaslan Aras, the Export Manager of Nurteks, indicated that the company completed various projects supported by UEFA in Georcia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Greece in 2006. Aras continued his words saying that Nurteks will keep on undersigning significant contracts by means of its production and world wide service, both in these project areas and in international markets.

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