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      1. PARQUET
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        Biggest individual order in Lopark’s history


        “The basis of the unique interior is the Royal Muiracatiara parquet from Lopark. It is a type of wood previously somewhat seldomly used for flooring and interiors, which is particularly exclusive and unique, and therefore perfectly matches the requirements for Burj Dubai. In total 95,000 square metres of Lopark Royal will be laid in Burj Dubai.?/p>

        Dubai is the land of superlatives: Whether the man-made “Palm Islands? “The World?or the first 7-star hotel in the world “Burj al Arab? there is already a tradition in Dubai of mega projects which cause worldwide interest and excitement. Yet, they will all be in the shadow of “Burj Dubai? the tallest building in the world.

        The world record has already been broken. Since the 21st July Burj Dubai, which is still under construction, is the tallest building in the world and in the process has overtaken Taipeh 101, which is named after the number of its floors, with a total height of 509 metres. Burj Dubai is the project of superlatives, whether it is the tallest building overall, the building with the highest floor in use, the highest roof and the highest viewing platform. The exact height and number of floors is still being kept top secret by the project company Emaar Properties, which is carrying out the project for the Sheik family Al Maktoum. The architectural design originates from Adrian Smith of the Chicago-based architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merril (SOM). Inspired by the geometric form of a desert flower, the building stands on a 6-cornered y-shaped column base with 3 wings. The tower narrows in an upward spiralling pattern, the top can be seen from 90 km away. After its completion the building will provide space to include an Armani Hotel, apartments and offices as well as leisure and sports facilities. A viewing platform is planned for the 124th floor. “The seemingly impossible has been achieved," it says on Emaar’s internet site. The best is just about good enough, whether it be architecture, design or materials. Here they would like to set a new standard in quality and in the process focus on every detail with individual and tailor-made furnishings. The basis of the unique interior is the “Royal Muiracatiara?parquet from Lopark. “A special, extraordinary wood was demanded.?Renate Wetzler, managing director of Lopark, remembers the first hours of the project. “We took up this challenge and brought our expertise for finding solutions into the discussion.?The experts from Lopark researched various types of wood, including Muiracatiara which has now been chosen. It is a type of wood previously somewhat seldomly used for flooring and interiors, which is particularly exclusive and unique, and therefore perfectly matches the requirements for Burj Dubai. Extraordinary projects simply require extraordinary materials; Lopark has now included “Royal Muiracatiara?in its official product programme. The decisive argument for Lopark parquet was the quality concept, to which the principal Emaar Properties attaches particular importance. The “Made in Germany?label is held in high esteem in the United Arab Emirates. Lopark takes these requirements into account with the special qualities of the product. Lopark Royal Parquet is an out-and-out massive two-layered parquet. The massive bottom layer made out of German Oak together with the massive top layer made out of Muiracatiara, which possesses an impressive 5.3 mm wear layer, is extremely stable dimensionally. Thanks to its special design a lighter total weight is a feature of this parquet’s qualities, which is a decisive factor with a building this tall.

        In the production of Royal Parquet there are two companies which stand by Lopark’s side. A coating provided by the company Friedrich Klumpp, a proven product tried and tested for many years from the international manufacturer of high-quality coating systems for wood and plastic surfaces in trade and industry, seals the 7-times anti-scratch parquet surface. The bottom and top layers are pressed in a specially designed press procedure with a glue from the company Kleiberit in order that maximum adhesive strength is achieved. The glue is water-insoluble and has no formaldehyde and no solvent.

        The project started for Lopark at the end of 2004. In an adjoining building a completely fitted and furnished show apartment was created. Parquet from Lopark provided the high quality flooring. At the beginning of 2006 the contract for the whole interior decoration was awarded and the Lopark parquet “Royal Muiracatiara?was included in the invitations to tender. In May 2007 Lopark provided a second show apartment on the 21st floor of the Burj Dubai with parquet in order to fine tune last details. The official awarding of contract followed. The first part shipment should arrive in Dubai in November 2007, after that monthly part deliveries. The final delivery is planned for May 2008. In total 95,000 square metres of Lopark Royal are being laid in Burj Dubai. “This is the biggest individual order so far in our company’s history,?says Wolfgang Wetzler gladly. The first preparations for the company's organisation had already been done early, so that Lopark can now react flexibly to the demand. This is achieved above all by optimising the processes in purchasing and production. The management at Lopark are in agreement. “With this order we can demonstrate once more our project expertise.?/p>

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