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        “In 2006, the leading carpet manufacturer Merinos recorded an export figure of 50 million dollars and in 2007 this figure is expected to be 65 million dollars. Today Merinos exports its high quality products to 41 countries all around the world, mainly to the Middle East and Europe. A new facility has been established in Rostov/Russia, and it will start operations in 2008. Merinos is also planning to complete its brand recognition and market dominance in USA by 2011. ?/p>

        Founded in 1971 by Mehmet Erdem oğlu, Merinos has become one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Turkey. Today the company has 40 main distributers, 3.000 employees and more than 4.000 retailers.

        Over the years, Merinos has become a worldwide brand and the main reason for such a leap is the company’s investments on the technology of machine made carpet production in early 90’s. The investments leaded to new carpet collections, colors, designs and qualities which all secured a significant increase in market share of the company. Secured an important place among the world’s leading carpet companies, today Merinos can compete against the world’s greatest thanks to its integrated structure.

        Today Merinos has a monthly production capacity of 1.660.000 square meters of machine made carpets, 2.000 tones of polyproplylene carpet yarn, 2.000 tones of acrylic yarn and 2.050 tons of dying capacity in its paint facility, which is among two largest production line in the world. Working not only in carpet business, Merinos is also planning to have the same reputation in furniture industry with its product range and new investments.

        The strategic planning of the company has been planned in accordance with export activities. Presently, an increasing proportion of yearly turnover is expected from international sales and export activities all around the world. In recent years, Merinos recorded important improvements on this way and crucial investments were established particularly in the Middle East, Europe and Russia in the name of structuring. Today Merinos is a worldwide brand name, exporting half of its yearly production and has taken the first place in Turkish machine made carpet export of the past five years. In 2006, the company recorded an export figure of 50 million dollars and in 2007 export figure is expected to be 65 million dollars.

        Merinos is exporting its high quality products to 41 countries all around the world, mainly to Middle East and Europe. Especially through the brand investments performed in the Middle East, there are 55 stores, which are selling only Merinos products in Saudi Arabia. The company authorities are planning to increase the number of stores in every export region.

        In order to expand into Turkic Republics and East Europe markets, and to improve marketing and sales activities, Merinos has recently established a brand new facility in Rostov/Russia, which will start its operations in 2008.

        Special products for different regions

        Merinos creates speacial collections with different colors, designs and qualities in order to address the tastes of different cultures in the world. To increase brand recognition and product sales in overseas markets, Merinos continues to realize extensive invesments. For this purpose, the company made a tv commercial with Hüseyin Fehmi, who is a well known star in the Middle East. The commercial is now on air in all tv channels of the region.

        Objectives for national and international markets

        Recently the shopping attitudes of Turkish customers have changed dramatically and brand awareness has gained a greater value. Consequently, in order to re-arrange the meeting points with the customers and to increase the value of brand awareness, Merinos has planned to start concept shops all around Turkey. The company’s objectives for overseas markets differ from eachother according to the country and region, and can be listed as:

        Russia: Two new facility investment, which will be completed by 2009, will increase the marketing and sales activities in Russia, Turkic Republics and East Europe.

        USA: Merinos is planning to complete its brand recognition and market dominance by 2011.

        China: The increasing number of Chinese population is considered as a great advantage in terms of consumption. Merinos’s main objective for this market is to start carpet production in China and improving sales figures and its brand name both in this region and Middle Asia.

        As a result of all of these international investments and organisations, Merinos expects to become a world brand by 2015.

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